Spending and Investing Toward Your Values

Why do we play the money game in the first place?

Spending and Investing Toward Your Values
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The whole reason we play the game of money

We have a saying at my church, and it goes like this. "We give up things we love for things we love even more." On the surface, I resonate with this saying. I even agree with it, but it is so often that I sometimes don't put it into practice. I know many of you are the same way. I want to be and live a certain way or become the person I'm "meant" to be or, more accurately, what others or the world tell me I need to be. I try to do the things I "feel" I need to do based on financial advice, but I never truly get there. Just constantly trying to be what the world needs or tells you to be.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem. You know what you want and who you are and have established goals. But you have never implemented any system to help you understand where you put your time, energy, and resources (money) toward that goals.

Or you have a system and structure for spending and investing your money. Following the 7sevenbaby steps, 7sevenmoney gears, The four rules, debt avalanche, debt snowball, or another system. But you feel like you are just going through the motions or you've reached "financial independence," but now you feel empty cause your goal has been Financial Independence (FI), and that purpose has been taken away.


The reason I wanted to write this post is that all of us so often get myopic, given things. We pursue a goal to be "rich," "financially independent," "drive a nice car," "have the biggest net worth," or "treat ourselves." Some of us are just trying to survive. We don't step back, look at the big picture, and ask ourselves questions.

  • Who do I want to be?
  • Who do I want my family's identity to be?
  • What things do I value?
  • Where would I genuinely want to be in five years?


Another reason I wanted to write this is that we all have dreams but never put plans into place with our time, energy, and resources to make them a reality. So we need a system to help us track those things.

So I wanted to write this because we need to know the "Why" and do the "How." And both take a lot of work. But it is so worth it. I call these levels of creating the life you want. In his book "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," Ramit Sethi coined the term living your rich life. That's what I'm writing here.

  1. First, start with who and why?
  2. Knowing your dreams and who you will change (Also know this can change)
  3. Then figure out a system
  4. Learn to flexible

Just start today. Forgive past you and don't worry about tomorrow help plan for the future with the information you have now.

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